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Free Specialist Coronavirus Team Survey Available


  • 26 March 2020
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Free Specialist Coronavirus Team Survey Available

Dear Richmond Business Network Members,   

Firstly I want to wish you, your families and your businesses well in such uncertain times, I truly wish I wasn't having to provide this offer, but when I have known or partnered so many of you for a number of years and also some for a shorter period, I feel compelled to try and help in some small way.

Understanding how your teams feel at this current time will be crucial in making sure you are making the right decisions for them and your business, as we ride out the pandemic. Having vital colleague insight at this time will enable you to make decisions quickly. 

We have designed a bespoke team survey of just 7 questions, these questions have been written following conversations with businesses across many sectors, to ascertain the type of insight that will be of use, such as how you are communicating with them and your customers and do they have the right tools for the job in the current circumstances. These are just a couple of examples of the themes of the questions.

If you wish to know more about this offer, please click on the link below which takes you to our website:  

To receive the survey, you can complete the form within the website, or please email: or call 07891 631869. 

Please feel free to share this link with other colleagues and friends who you believe would benefit from this free survey.

Please stay safe and if there is anything else you need in the coming days and weeks do not hesitate to ask, I am always available for a chat!

Kindest regards,