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Tim Cain - Leadership Course

  • 15 April 2016
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Leaders’ Coaching Skills A one-day education programme, Delivered by Tim Cain Leadership

Dates: Wednesday 18th May 2016 Wednesday 22nd June 2016 Wednesday 20th July 2016 Wednesday 21 September 2016 Wednesday 19th October 2016 Wednesday 30th November 2016
Venue: Swaledale Mountain Rescue Base, Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire. 

A one-day education programme providing leaders with coaching skills to augment their personal performance and that of their teams. 
Coaching and leadership are very common terms in contemporary organisations but is the meaning of each clear? Are they equivalent, and are the outcomes of coaching and leadership the same? A review of the literature demonstrates that coaching and leadership are ‘good for’ individual, team and organisational performance. However, do we really understand the power of leaders who coach?
This practical programme will clarify the relationship between leadership and coaching, giving delegates the skills needed to empower themselves, and their teams, to perform to their full potential.

Drawing on his experience as a senior trainer in the Army and in UK Mountain Rescue, Tim Cain MBE will lead a very interactive session, introducing tools that will enhance individual and team outcomes.
Key Learning Points.
Leadership. Where does coaching fit into leadership?
Coaching. What is performance coaching and how does it work?
Vision, Support, Challenge. A model for performance through better leadership.
Delegates. The workshop is ideal for people who have management responsibilities for operational teams, at any level, acting as the basis for continued professional development.