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Yorkshire Dales Cheese Festival 2019

Promoting the natural beauty, wildlife, local produce and cultural heritage of the Yorkshire Dales National Park

  • 3 April 2019
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Yorkshire Dales Cheese Festival 2019

The week long “Yorkshire Dales Cheese Festival, celebrating local produce” is now in its 3rd year and as with the dark skies festival, it has grown and developed year on year, it is such a fantastic opportunity to showcase your business while promoting the natural beauty, wildlife, local produce and cultural heritage of the Yorkshire Dales National Park and Nidderdale AONB..

We would really like to be able to help promote your businesses this year by offering you the opportunity to do something unique and different as part of the Festival, which we can promote for you during the week, to celebrate local produce. This can be absolutely anything;

  • Farm Visits
  • Walks from your business
  • Guided Walks
  • Cookery demonstrations – explaining the use of local produce and the benefits of using local
  • Open door experience – to see behind the scenes of your business
  • Unique and special menu’s for the week
  • A special cake/pie for the week – using a special recipe, with a story behind it
  • A day of Yoga and relaxation – health and wellbeing day in the Yorkshire Dales to promote the beauty, peace, calm and tranquillity of the Dales.
  • Utilise local produce to its full extent for the week of the celebration, learn about the local produce and teach your staff so they all have the knowledge to talk to visitors about the products they are serving
  • Pairing evenings
  • Tasting evening
  • Local music and food night
  • Film nights and delicious food
  • Fusion Food – Take amazing and unique dishes from across the world and give it a Yorkshire twist  
  • Local quiz
  • Work with other local businesses, farmers, producers to create a unique evening experience –
    • Farm to Folk – work with your local farmer to present and taste local produce
    • The history and understanding of “Game” in the area
    • The importance of land management presentation
    • A year in the life of a local farmer
    • Mini Farmers market

·         Runs

·         Bike rides

·         Forest schools

·         Open farm experiences

·         Fishing experience – Catch and cook

·         Work with local businesses to do a joint experience

Please remember visitors and people living in the area, are now looking for unique experiences, something that little bit different which they may not get the opportunity to do elsewhere. The choices and options for this festival are endless, it can be something small or something big, anything goes and we will be happy to promote your event for you under this established brand.

The promotion which we offer not only promotes your event, but it also promotes your business locally and nationally. We try and use as many different outlets as possible, and if you do create a unique event, you may be fortunate enough to be promoted in the national papers as well as the local news, or you may get a camera crew to your event - as we did with some of our dark skies events this year.

If you have any queries or would like to meet up for a chat, please do not hesitate to get in touch and we will be happy to help in any way we can. If you have an idea which you want to progress with, I could put you in touch with the right person/business. 

Please do let us know if you are interested in taking part so we can begin to promote your event as soon as possible.

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